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Rukmini Callimachi is a New York Times foreign correspondent who has covered Al Qaida and ISIS since 2014. Earlier this year, she rose to international acclaim with Caliphate, a chart-topping podcast. The Times first documentary audio series, it follows the journalist deep into the heart of the terrorist network and into the lives of violent extremists and their victims.

Chaired by Hamish MacDonald, Australian journalist and broadcaster.



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Dangerous Thinkers
“We’re so used to doing a caricatured approach to ISIS … I wanted to see if we could go into the grey.”
Rukmini Callimachi

New York Times foreign correspondent and three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Rukmini Callimachi has become the go-to reporter on the Islamic State. She has been cited by US lawmakers and foreign governments, and described by WIRED magazine as “arguably the best reporter on the most important beat in the world”. After publishing the explosive ISIS Files following the discovery of 15,000 pages of abandoned al-Qaeda documents, she found widespread public acclaim with the Times podcast Caliphate. Downloaded over a million times, it follows Callimachi as she tracks the rise of ISIS from their encrypted, online chatrooms to their spread across four continents. She has been awarded the inaugural Integrity in Journalism prize; the George Polk Award in Journalism; and the Michael Kelly Award as well as two Overseas Press Club awards. Working previously at TIME magazine, The Daily Herald and the Associated Press, she has covered 20 foreign countries over her journalism career.


“We’re so used to doing a caricatured approach to ISIS … I wanted to see if we could go into the grey.”