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What is FODI Digital?

Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) hosts a series of live streamed conversations called FODI Digital.

Tickets are now on sale for three live and interactive sessions which will take place in September and October featuring whistleblower Edward Snowden, prominent Australian academic, Marcia Langton, and controversial enviro-journalist, David Wallace-Wells.

The three sessions will be streamed live via the link provided on the purchased ticket, with live interaction and questions from the audience. Ticket prices range from $10-$15 or $30 for all three conversations.

Where do I watch FODI Digital?

When you purchase a ticket through the website, you will be emailed a ticket which will contain an online link to a platform to watch the session. Simply click on that link on the day and time of the event to view.

This link can only be used on one device once. It can’t be shared and used over many devices. But of course many eyeballs can watch the one screen!

The link will remain live for up to four hours after the session ends, should you miss it.

Do I need to register/create an account to watch FODI Digital?

No. But you will need to have purchased a ticket online which contains the link to view the live stream.

Will FODI Digital be hosted on the website like last time?

No. FODI will be hosted on our ticketing site through Humanitix. Click on the unique link on your digital ticket to access the stream on the day. You will need a ticket to access this content.

Can you sort out some technical issues I’m experiencing watching the live-stream?


Check your bandwidth. We require network speeds of 10mpbs or higher in order to stream our lowest playback quality (240p). You can use this speed test to get a general sense of your Internet speed during the time of the issue. Keep in mind that bandwidth can fluctuate, especially on Wifi or cellular networks.

Disable any browser extensions, plugins, or add ons- Third party programs can sometimes cause issues during playback— including blocked video segments, dropped frames, buffering, etc. If you’re having trouble, try disabling any active extensions one-by-one to find the culprit. You can also open your video within an incognito or private window of your browser for testing.

Restart your router and modem – Resetting your router or modem can help to refresh your connection and improve playback performance. Try disconnecting the power cord and then reconnecting to perform a hard reboot.

Update your browser – Browser software is constantly being improved upon. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser for peak performance. The latest version of each browser can be found here.

Close excess browser tabs or applications – Keeping too many applications open can make everything run slower, including video playback. Especially on a mobile device, it’s easy to forget which apps are running. Make sure that you completely close or disable apps instead of just minimizing their windows.

Clear your browser’s cache – Although this may sound simple, refreshing your cache can help with many different issues, including playback. Learn more here.

Disable/Enable Hardware acceleration – Hardware acceleration makes resource-hungry operations run more efficiently, but sometimes doesn’t work well with older graphics cards. Try disabling or enabling this option within your browser settings.

Have a go at refreshing the URL link.

Check your firewall settings and ensure that RTMPS is allowed

Make sure you use the Google Chrome web browser to go live from your computer

Keep in mind that it may take 10 seconds for the video stream to appear in the preview area after you’ve started your live stream.


Check your speaker output

Check the volume settings for your speakers

Check the volume setting on the video

Ensure your computer updates are all installed

Turn off or restart audio services

Turn your computer on and off again

Check the cables, jacks, plugs and headphone connections


Make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection. Do a speed test on this link.
Make sure you have a download speed of above 10 Mpbs

Have a go at refreshing the URL link

When is FODI Digital on?

Dangerous Fictions with Marcia Langton | 10 September 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEST

Surveillance States with Edward Snowden | 24 September, 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEST

The Uninhabitable Earth with David Wallace-Wells | 11 October, 11:00am – 12:00pm AEST

Will these sessions be available online after each livestream event?

Where possible, some time after the live digital event, we may release the content as on demand video and/or audio. Not all content will be released.

You can view the videos and podcasts available from previous FODI and FODI Digital events in the On Demand section of our website.

What do I get in a FODI Digital ‘multipack’?

Multipack holders will receive a unique link to all three FODI Digital events:

Dangerous Fictions with Marcia Langton | 10 September 7:00pm – 8:0pm AEST

Surveillance States with Edward Snowden | 24 September, 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEST

The Uninhabitable Earth with David Wallace-Wells | 11 October, 11:00am – 12:00pm AEST

Why are FODI Digital events now ticketed when it was initially free?

We are charging a small amount to cover the costs associated with providing digital events. We look forward to getting together again in person, but until then are exploring how best to have important conversations in the online space.

I’ve bought tickets. Can I share my link with friends?

The unique links attached to digital tickets are restricted to one device only. Ticket buyers can purchase up to 5 unique ticket links to share with friends and family. You will be able to enter their details during the purchase path so that they are emailed their tickets directly.

The unique live stream link can only be used on one device once. It can’t be shared and used over many devices. But of course many eyeballs can watch the one screen!

The link will remain live for up to four hours from the end of the session, should you miss it.

What are you doing with my data/information?

We only collect personal information that we reasonably require for our events or activities, and do so in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Can I get an exchange or a refund?

FODI does not offer exchanges or refunds on tickets, except where the session has been cancelled. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions