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My Greatest Period Ever

Lucy Peach
Sat 17 September 6:00pm
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Sat 17 September 6:00pm
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Don’t just go with the flow – you can use the menstrual cycle to improve your life by harnessing the power of the period.

It’s still a taboo subject – shrouded in mystery, mythology and often shame. It’s a topic people seem scared to talk about or even name. The menstrual cycle shock! A period, horror! But what if engaging with periods was not something to be feared, but something that could actually make lives better? Even though over half the population will get periods, there’s a huge lack of credible information about this natural function. Enter Lucy Peach – with a heart of gold, a silver tongue, and a steel-trap wit, this ‘period preacher’ is changing the world one menstruation at a time. Encompassing stories, science and songs, this multimedia soiree shows you how to life hack your menstrual cycle from a curse into your ‘Greatest Period Ever’. Many people have around 450 periods in their life, learn to use them wisely! 

This session may explore adult themes, it is recommended for 14+ years.

At a tender age, I learnt that my body was a problem to be fixed, with pads, tampons and soon enough with the pill. I believed I was safest while my cycle was disarmed.
Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach

Lucy is a singer-songwriter, theatre maker, author and educator from Fremantle, Western Australia. She has published three EP’s, performed at major music festivals around Australia and won the best Folk Artist of WA in 2016. She enjoys working in the space where art and science meet. As a long-time champion of the power of the menstrual cycle and an advocate for self-love and positive body literacy, Lucy has spent the past two decades studying human biology, biomedicine, woman’s health and wellbeing and menstrual education. After creating the theatre show, My Greatest Period Ever, she won the Martin Sims Award for Best of Fringe in 2017 and has since educated and empowered thousands with her theatre performances, workshops, and book. She uses science, stories and songs to shift the period narrative in our culture from one of shame to one of pride.

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17 September
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