The Ethics Centre

The Ethics Centre is an independent not-for-profit which exists to bring ethics to the centre of everyday life.

We’ve given people the spaces to think through ethical questions for close to 30 years. We like talking about the tough stuff, helping people struggling with ethical problems and failures, and building ethical foundations in people and organisations. We do this though a series of innovative programs such The Ethics Alliance and Primary Ethics, events and experiences like FODI and our IQ2 debate series, offer counselling through our free Ethi-call counselling line, run training programs, and advise companies.

We remain the only organisation providing practical guidance on complex ethical issues across all levels of society. Within communities and across continents, we work with individuals and families, organisations and industries, militaries and governments, to help people embed ethics at the centre of their choices and actions.

The Ethics Centre and Festival of Dangerous Ideas

An ethical life is an examined life. It requires that we consider diverse ideas; that we’re brave enough to explore the difficult, the unknown and the unpopular. That was the genesis of the festival back in 2008 by Ethics Centre executive director, Simon Longstaff, and why we continue to present the festival today. We hope this year’s festival offers you a space to better understand the world and your own beliefs, and gain new perspectives on the ideas that challenge, frighten, and inevitably lie ahead.