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FODI is only made possible thanks to the support of our donors and donations. Your support will enable us to keep FODI going.

If you have any questions about contributing, please contact us

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation - the custodians of the country in which we meet - and acknowledge their Elders, past and present.

A festival of international significance is expensive to deliver. Our non-profit, independence is both an asset and a challenge. FODI could not be produced without the generosity of our supporters and donors. we welcome and continue to seek long-term funding. We want to work with partners who seek to differentiate themselves from the pack. Who are brave. Who are bold. Who think about the future and who want to play a role in shaping it. Is this you? Get in touch via [email protected].


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The Ethics Centre

Supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

Create NSW

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Joblink Plus

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Destination NSW

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Bill Manos & Manos Foundation

Neilson Foundation

Michael Pain

Paul Ramsey Foundation


Creative Australia
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body.

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John Caldon Provocation

Thanks to the donors helping to honour the legacy of businessman John Caldon and his special brand of curiosity. 

Diana Abrams
Sam Armstrong
Colette Beaudry
Kerrie Boylett
Andrew Conway
Max Davis
Robert Dunlop
Michael Easson
Adam Geha
Nicole Hatherly
Belinda Hutchinson
Stephen Jermyn
Joseph Kalk

Peter Katz
Simon Marnie
Michael McLeod
Lyndey Milan
Allan Moss
Simon Nasht
Sandra Nori
Peter O’Connell
Ed Punchard
Luisa Rust
Graham St Quintin
Lindsay Tanner
Mark Watson


Thank you to these bold individuals helping to bring FODI 2024 to the stage:

Aimee Kinnear
Alan Clarke
Alan Crabbe
Alex Danilov
Alex Searson
Alexandra Rose
Ali Cook
Alice Lewinsky
Alice Marklew
Alison Avery
Amanda Harris
Amanda O’Neil
Andre Tammes
Andrea Belunek
Andrea Chapuis
Andrew Da Silva
Andrew Harvey
Anil Subramanya
Ann Mossop
Anne Riches AM
Anthony McCairn
Antoinette Harvey
Arek Sinanian
Bill Manos
Bob Richardson
Boris Kelly
Bruce Owens
Candice Bruce
Carol Arpas
Caroline Cottet
Caroline Downing
Carolyn Noble
Catherine Bassiuoni
Cathie Allan
Catriona Barry
Catsanos Family
Celine Saint Jean
Charles Brass
Cheryl MacArthur
Chloe Kerr
Chloe Spackman
Christian Sinobas
Christine Wheeler
Christine Pippen
Claire Groombridge
Claire O’Connor
Claire Weir
Coleen MacKinnon
Dana Cordell
Danielle Dunsmore
Danielle Harvey
Dave Lye
David Petrie
David Plain
David Simkin
Deborah Kearns
Deirdre O’Dea
Diane Waaka
Dianne Hill
Dominique Antarakis
Donna Meredith
Fikry Bassiuoni
Frank Cristaudo
Freddy Sharpe
Frederick Charette
Elizabeth Abbott
Geoff Gerrand
Gil Beckwith
Glenda Gartrell
Graeme Harris
Graham Town
Harriet Cheney
Harris Masters
Heather Kjoller
Heather Harris
Helen Pennock
Helen Cannon
Ian Harvey
Ian Meggitt
Izabela Watts
Ivor Spillett
Jadan Carroll
Jamie Bonic
Janette van Straten
Jen Stumbles

Jill Gordon
Jo Blakemore
Joe Kelly
Johnathan Pennock
Jonathan Woods
Juanita Kolaric
Judith MacCormick
Julie Anthill
Julie Parle
Justin Tse
Justine Ellis
Karen Ganschow
Karen Loblay AM
Kate Clancy
Kate Reid
Kathie Melocco
Kristen Scheer
Kylie Newcombe
Lai Heng Foong
Lawrie Suttor
Leanne Sampson-Bowden
Lena Tsalimova
Liina Byrne
Lin Boettcher
Lindsay Gardner
Lisa Greenwell
Liv Furniss-Roe
Louise Krause
Maria King
Marg Helback
Margaret Fox
Maria King
Melody Lord
Michael Dodds
Michael Pain
Michelle Walter
Narelle Clark
Nick Hazell
Ornella Tolhurst
Needeya Islam
Peta Swarbrick
Peter Shore
Rebecca Lee
Rhys Deimel
Richard Evans
Richard Frawley
Rizina Yadav
Robert Lee
Robyn Brigden
Robyn MacDonald
Rosamund Christie
Ruth Alexander
Sam Perla
Sam Whittle
Samantha Gallagher
Sarah Bassiuoni
Sarah Crowe
Satya Sinha
Sheena Boughen
Simon Preuss-Kearney
Simpson Jane
Sophie Gee
Susan Alexander
Susan Bassiuoni
Susan Fookes
Susan Negrau
Tania Kaley
Ted Reid
Teresa Zolnierkiewicz
Terry Kirkpatrick
Tierney Kelman
Tim Ambrose
Tim Baggott
Tim Wheeler
Tory Loudon
Triona Bassiuoni
Ubaldo Torre
Vic Alvaraez
W Mcintosh
Wade Kingsley
Wendy Gray
William Yandell
Zinnia Lo