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FODI: The In-Between

FODI: The In-Between is an audio time capsule recording this moment in time. It asks: Are we in-between two eras? And if so what does this mean about the past and the future? Eight conversations between 16 of the world’s biggest thinkers. Woven through the podcast, as B-Side episodes, is an ‘album’ of short, creative sound responses to the themes that will be released weekly alongside each conversation.

FODI Podcasts

Over 10 years’ worth of dangerous ideas to download and listen to, released on a monthly basis. Available on Spotify, Apple and wherever you get your podcast fixes. Subscribe to get the latest episode.

Jesse Bering – We Are All Sexual Perverts (FODI 2012)
Elizabeth Pisani – Corruption Makes the World Go Round (FODI 2014)
A.C. Grayling – Bad Education (FODI 2015)
Tim Flannery, Alok Jha, Natasha Mitchell & Lee Vinsel – Don’t Trust the Scientists (FODI 2016)
Chris Berg – Nanny State (FODI 2015)
Erwin James – A Killer Can Be a Good Neighbour (FODI 2013)
Jesse Bering, Raewyn Connell Cordelia Fine & Elizabeth Anne Riley – Gender Doesn’t Matter (FODI 2016)
Satyajit Das – The Bill Is Due (FODI 2016)
Lionel Shriver – Break A Rule A Day (FODI 2016)
Tim Flannery, Elizabeth Kolbert, Steven Pinker, Jaan Tallinn – The End of the World as We Know It (FODI 2014)
Helen Joyce – The Right To Die (FODI 2015)
Edward Snowden – Surveillance States (FODI Digital 2020)
Marcia Langton – Dangerous Fictions (FODI Digital 2020)
Eric Schlosser – Nuclear Delusions (FODI 2015)
Lydia Cacho – Slavery Is Big Business (FODI 2014)
Lee Vinsel – Innovation Fetish (FODI 2016)
Sarai Walker – Radical Fat Acceptance (FODI 2015)
Daisy Jeffrey, Audrey Mason-Hyde & Dylan Storer – Stolen Inheritance (FODI Digital 2020)
Claire Wardle & Ariel Bogle – Misinformation is Infectious (FODI Digital 2020)
Matt Beard, Eleanor Gordon-Smith & Bryan Mukandi – Ethics of the Pandemic (FODI Digital 2020)
David Sinclair with Norman Swan – Ageing is a Disease (FODI Digital 2020)
Alicia Garza and Stan Grant – Why Black Lives Matter (FODI 2016)
Jennifer Rayner – Generation Less (FODI 2016)
Michael Wesley – Feudal World (FODI 2015)
S.Matthew Liao – Engineer Humans To Stop Climate Change (FODI 2013)
Mona Eltahawy – Hypocrisy Rhymes with Democracy (FODI 2011)
Alok Jha – Water Wars (FODI 2016)
Slavoj Žižek – Let us be realists and demand the impossible (FODI 2011)
Helen Razor – Against Compassion (FODI 2015)
David Simon – Some People Are More Equal Than Others (FODI 2014)
Tim Harford – Make More Mistakes (FODI 2012)
Anne Manne – The Narcissism Epidemic (FODI 2014)
A.C Grayling – Closing the Modern Mind (FODI 2016)
Christopher Hitchens – Religion Poisons Everything (FODI 2009)
Dee Mandigan – The Propaganda Machine (FODI 2016)
Evgeny Morozov – The Dark Side of the Internet (FODI 2013)
Philippe Legrain – Open the Borders (FODI 2016)
Vandana Shiva – Growth = Poverty (FODI 2013)
Jon Ronson – Psychopaths & Shame Culture (FODI 2011 & 2015)
Hanna Rosin – The End of Men (FODI 2013)
Kajsa Ekis Ekman – Surrogacy is Child Trafficking (FODI 2014)
Sam Harris – The Delusion of Free Will (FODI 2012)
Naomi Klein – Capitalism and the Climate (FODI 2014)
Ayelet Waldman – LSD: Forbidden Medicine (FODI 2018)
Rehearsal for Facism – Pankaj Mishra, Angela Nagle & Tim Soutphommasane (FODI 2018)
Niall Ferguson – Post Populism (FODI 2018)
Rob Brooks, Nikki Goldstein & Xanthe Mallett – Sex Robots Have No Taboos (FODI 2018)
Haris Aziz, Khandis Blake, Lee Rollins & Martina Stenzel – Fight the Fear (FODI 2018)
Seth Stephens-Davidowitz – Everybody Lies (Except the Internet) (FODI 2018)
Pankaj Mishra – Age of Anger (FODI 2018)
Zeynep Tufekci & Seth Stephens-Davidowitz – Privacy is Selfish (FODI 2018)
Angela Nagle – Kill All Normies (FODI 2018)
Dee Madigan, John Hewson & Rebecca Huntley – Cancer on Democracy (FODI 2018)
Zhao Hai, Linda Jakobson & Adam Ni – Choose China (FODI 2018)
Zeynep Tufekci – Our Attention Has Been Stolen (FODI 2018)
Germaine Greer, Ayelet Waldman & Megan Phelps-Roper – Too Dangerous (FODI 2018)
Toby Walsh – The End of the World (As We Know It) (FODI 2018)
Stephen Fry – The Hitch (FODI 2018)
Chuck Klosterman – What if we’re wrong? (FODI 2018)