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Dangerous Futures

James Halstead, Michael Richardson
Chaired by Katharine Kemp
Sun 5 April 5:30pm Lower Town Hall
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Sun 5 April 5:30pm Lower Town Hall
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Join four brilliant minds as they share their predictions for some of the intriguing and wicked problems the world will face in the future.

One hundred years from now, what will be keeping us up at night? Will we have fixed today’s issues or will we have created a new world of challenges? Some problems seem to appear out of nowhere and take us by surprise, but there are others that we should be able to see coming. Gender, medicine, warfare, culture – these are some of the arenas where we’re likely to see battles of ideas in the future. Perhaps if we can predict these concerns, we can start to address them now. Join a group of brilliant thinkers – each an expert in their field – to try to anticipate the dangers and opportunities waiting for us in the years ahead.

Emma A Jane, The Matrix of Sex and Gender
James Halstead, A World Without Pharmaceuticals
Lucas Lixinski, Post-apocalyptic Cultural Heritage
Michael Richardson, Drones, Witnessing and War

This talk is part of the UNSW Grand Challenges program.

In the future diseases must be fought without drugs and pharmaceuticals. Can we achieve this by harnessing the cells that make up our bodies?
James Halstead

James Halstead

James Halstead is a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Medical Sciences. His research focuses on how single cells in the body can make decisions, and how this can go wrong in disease.

The mind-bending science of sex shows that in the future we are likely to live in a world where there are either multiple sex and gender categories – or, preferably, none.
Emma Jane
The destruction of our cultural heritage, and our shared humanity embedded within, might not be inevitable if we rethink our relationship with culture.
Lucas Lixinski
In a world where technology is the primary witness of injustice, could drones become tools of testimony as well as violence, custodians of truth that hold leaders and countries to account?
Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of the Arts and Media, UNSW Sydney. Michael researches the impacts of drone technologies on war, culture and witnessing. He currently holds an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award and is the author of Gestures of Testimony.