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Ethics of the Apocalypse

Carl Smith, Matt Beard
Sun 5 April 1:30pm Marconi Room
Sun 5 April 1:30pm Marconi Room
Would you survive the end of the world? Here’s your chance to discover what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Are you ready for the end of the world? What aren’t you willing to do to save humanity? Who will you save and who will you leave behind? Join philosopher Matt Beard for an ethical choose-your-own-adventure exploration of the choices we’ll have to make under pressure in a world where resources are depleted and the stakes are higher than ever. You’ll also examine some of the ethical issues created by different world-ending scenarios. Will it be a global epidemic? A zombie apocalypse? Rising seas? Learn the science and live the ethics, as the audience decides what to do and why. Will the human race survive the ultimate disaster – and will it cost us our humanity?

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is a Walkley Award-winning science reporter and kids; presenter at ABC Radio National and ABC Science. He makes radio documentaries for RN’s science programs and co-presents the kids’ podcasts Short & Curly (ABC Audio Studios) and Pickle (WNYC + ABC Audio Studios). Carl has worked as a reporter for Behind the News, presented the ABC Education series Minibeast Heroes, and was an ABC News Cadet. In 2018 he explored apocalyptic events and how we might respond to them in a three-part series The Apocalypse on RN’s Science Friction.


Matt Beard

Matt Beard is a husband, dad, pop culture nerd, moral philosopher and ethicist. He is a fellow at the Ethics Centre and the resident philosopher for the ABC’s kid’s ethics podcast Short & Curly. Matt is a columnist with ABC Life and New Philosopher, and the author of The Short & Curly Guide to Life. In 2016 he won the Australasian Association of Philosophy prize for media engagement. He has repented of his past life as an academic and now regularly appears on television, radio, podcasts, online and in print.