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FODI: The In-Between is an audio time capsule recording this moment in time. It asks: Are we in-between two eras? And if so what does this mean about the past and the future? Eight conversations between 16 of the world’s biggest thinkers. Woven through the podcast, as B-Side episodes, is an ‘album’ of short, creative sound responses to the themes that will be released alongside each conversation.

Curators and Hosts

Danielle Harvey, Festival Director and Co-curator
Simon Longstaff, Co-curator
Ann Mossop, Co-curator

Production Team

Rebecca Blake, Producer, FODI
Jess Hamilton, Senior Audio Producer, Audiocraft
Adam Connelly, Sound Designer and Composer, Audiocraft
Jasmine Mee Lee, Researcher/producer, Audiocraft
Weronika Razna, Mixing engineer, Audiocraft
Kate Montague, Executive Producer, Audiocraft
Michelle Walter, Head of Fundraising and Development, FODI
Jess Lewis, Content Manager, FODI
Kathleen Evesson, Head of Marketing and Communications, FODI
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